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Monthly Selection | November 2014

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Launched back in 2012. We keeping track of the latest collaboration initiatives between airlines & airports and consumer brands / organizations from a wide range of sectors.

Airport Partnership Report

Each year we release a comprehensive selection of airport x brand partnership examples

Airline Partnership Report

The most interesting examples of airlines x consumer brands partnerships enhancing passenger experience

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Airport Partnership Report 2014

Case studies


The report is a comprehensive source of some of the most innovative projects undertaken
by airports and their partners around the world.
It cosists of 4 separate parts: Report, Case Study Cards, Presentation, Brainstorming Sheet .

Report |

The report features 6 categories in which we cover 15 separate topics that are supported by 64 real world examples of airports partnerships with brands and organizations.

categories: Travelling Families, The Conscious Traveller, Entertainment, Pride & Community, Technology, VIP & Business Travellers

Case Study Cards |

Each case described in the report is also covered in a separate document Case Study Cards. Each card provides detailed information about the initiative together with our take on the project. The cases come from across all parts of airport operations including retail, entertainment, food & beverage, vip services, etc.

Presentation slides |


We also prepared a presentation full of slides that you can use during in-house sessions to easily present cases from other airports to support your projects. Each case featured in the report has its own separate slide to provide the most important information in an graphic way.

Brainstorming sheet |

We prepared the Brainstorming Sheet to make your tasks easier to organize. The sheets make sure that you don't miss any important parts of your future projects.


The report can be helpful for professionals from across the industries. The report focuses on customer experience but we look at it from different angles.

Marketing agencies
Advertising companies




report + case study cards + presentation + brainstorming sheet

*For more information contact Mal Lach at m.lach@smartaer.com


The sample features one category article I'm Fit that you will find in the report. Additionally, it also features two case studies both from the Airport Partnership Report 2014.

click on the image to download the sample.


Airline Brand Partnerships Report

The most comprehensive source of airline x consumer brands partnership initiatives throughout the years


The report will be published soon.

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